Our Program

Baby Carrots:
Providing local, organic, pesticide-free and nutrient rich produce and meat to low-income pregnant and newly breastfeeding women. Promoting healthy, sustainable, & organic babies in your community.

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About Us:

Director of BabyCarrots, Josie Lauducci RN, is a nurse for premature and sick infants. Through her years of caring for babies, she has seen first-hand the link between poor nutrition during pregnancy and the incidence of premature births, birth defects, and other health issues in infants. Many women can't afford and/or have little knowledge on the importance of eating organic food and the benefit it will have towards bringing a healthy baby into this world. BabyCarrots has joined Organic Soup Kitchen as an outreach program to provide sustainable, nutrient rich, local, organic food to pregnant and newly breastfeeding women in our community.  Education regarding the importance of consuming local, organic food will be provided as well as providing information and access to other community resources.

Help Us Grow:
-Funding: Please make donations through Organic Soup Kitchen @ www.organicsoupkitchen.org
-People and Farmers to donate fresh, local, organic, and clean produce and meat.
-Nutrition Educators to teach, write recipes and put together nutrition facts to hand out
with food delivery.
-Volunteers to pick up food from farms/ranches and to distribute food out to the women.
-Volunteers to help with all/any of the above, help spread the word, and Spanish translators.

Contact Info:

Josie Lauducci RN
Phone: 805-708-2846
Email: joskate2001@yahoo.com
Mail: PO Box 21404, Santa Barbara, CA 93121